Design Consulting


Our Design Consultants will collaborate with you to hone in on your wants and produce the right design. You'll be able to visualize what your future home will look like with detailed renderings and realistic 3D walkthroughs. We'll bring in our trade partners, conduct inspections of lead, mold, and asbestos. We do this upfront to reduce any surprises later in the project. The final goal: you will know exactly what to expect and you'll receive a precise quote.


Once the design has been approved by you, we'll prepare the construction documents and the design, and we'll submit the plans to the city for permitting. We don't outsource any of this to a third party, and we keep you updated throughout. At the same time, your Design Consultant will work with you to select details like Roofing, Siding, Stone, Windows and other exterior finishes such as Gutters, Facia, Soffit. With many of our partner’s GAF, Dimond Kote, Cascade, Vesta, Mastic, Malarkey, etc...


Successful construction is about proactive communication. You can expect weekly progress meetings with your project manager and almost daily email updates with photos. Because we handle all aspects of the construction, you can expect rapid progress.


We conduct a final inspection and perform the final punch list. We make sure that the Siding is not showing imperfections, the stone work is top notch, The roof is installed correctly, all the details are finished, and we check to see if anything else needs to be done. We also conduct a post-construction meeting, during which we ask how we did and what we could do better. You will also enjoy our generous 10-year warranty, because we stand by the quality of our work.

Design-Build Remodeling vs. Traditional Home Remodeling
Single Point Of Contact For The Customer

In the traditional, Sales approach, customers invariably have to deal with multiple contractors, depending on the type and scope of the project. Moreover, employing several contractors entails having several contracts, which is both time-consuming and costly.

By contrast, design-consultant involves a dedicated project manager who is in charge of coordinating all aspects of the project and communicating with the customer.

Experienced project managers at Integrated Roofing Solutions and Consultants will take care of your remodel from start to finish. You will receive regular progress updates and timely answers to all your questions regarding any aspect of the project, from design to construction.

Controlled Cost-Estimation, No Under-Budgeting

At Integrated Roofing Solutions, we begin each and every project with a detailed budget and design plan. By having a single contract covering all the design-build services, we can present our customers with a comprehensive and fully transparent cost estimation up front.

Rest assured there will be no hidden costs, as we will provide you with a detailed payment plan including all the individual services before any work begins on your home.

We also provide a 3D project modeling service, allowing us to explicitly show our customers which services will be necessary to achieve their desired end-result

Timely Completion Of Each Project Phase

One of the biggest advantages of design-Consultant is time-efficiency. There is no time lag since different stages of a single project can be executed simultaneously while being carefully coordinated and monitored. Homeowners are delighted to realize the design time is shortened, after which there is no need to hire a different contractor to carry out the rest of your project.

Our seasoned Consultants value your time as much as they value your needs and ideas. Because we determine a timeframe at the beginning of each project, our designers are generally able to shorten the timeframe necessary for the project to reach the permit stage.

Accountability And Consistency Throughout The Project

As one of Utahs premier design-Consultant remodeling contractor, Integrated Roofing Solutions remains fully accountable for the entirety of your home renovation project. All members of our team are accountable to each other, and in turn, to you.

We are especially proud of the close professional relationships our staff maintains. Their work is complementary as they strive to achieve each other’s visions. Designers make sure their renditions are achievable by the builders, while builders follow the designer’s vision closely so as to ensure it is accurately achieved.

With a well-organized and coherent team of professionals at Integrated Roofing Solutions, you can be sure there is no conflict of interest – there is no finger pointing or miscommunication, as our team shares the same professional goals and values.

Personalized Design-Build Services In Utah

We're spent over 30 years building our stellar reputation with homeowners throughout Utah, and we take great pride in our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Given the unprecedented increase in unique customer demands, our dedication to personalized customer service becomes more important than ever.

Our design-Consultant process enables our team to craft completely customized solutions that fit perfectly with each client's vision, goals, and budget. From planning to permits, Design decisions to the exterior design, all the way through to project management and construction, Integrated Roofing Solutions provides a fully customized experience and personal touch with every remodeling project.


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