Sidings are essential for two reasons: first, they increase your home’s value. Secondly, they provide an additional layer of energy-saving insulation. But you also need to choose an appropriate material for your siding. And Dimond Kote is undoubtedly the best.

Investing in sidings

You will have one thing in mind while investing in a siding – make the most of every penny to protect your home for at least a decade, if not more. Integrated Roofing Solutions and Consulting is here to fulfill your wish.

Diamond Kote® Building Products leads the industry as the #1 recognized brand of prefinished LP® SmartSide®. Products are backed by a 30-Year No Fade Finish Warranty and 5/50-Year Limited Siding Systems Warranty. Offering a complete siding system, all products are exclusively built on LP® SmartSide® and treated with a SmartGuard® process to withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity, freeze/thaws, fungal decay, and termites. Diamond Kote® invests in their products and equipment to provide the best color technology backed by the highest warranty in the industry. Feel confident knowing your home is protected and will look beautiful for many years to come.

Their complete siding system features Rigid Stack siding and a Protective Trim System. RigidStack™ siding designed with a spline to stack and lock together for ultimate performance. As pieces are stacked, they form an extreme bond that is up to 375% stronger than regular lap siding. RigidStack™ strength protects against high winds and damage from hail, up to 1.75″ in diameter. Diamond Kote’s Protective Trim System includes nail fin products to accent your home without drawing eyes to the wrong places, like nail heads or bad touch-up paint.

Check out these home transformations and imagine what Diamond Kote can do for your home.

Lasting Color Selections

Diamond Kote® Building Products offers a complete selection of standard colors for house siding plus a custom color option. All colors are backed by their industry-leading 30-Year No Fade Warranty.

View Diamond Kote Color Collections

Overwhelmed by color choices? Visit the Diamond Kote® Color Studio to view expertly designed color combinations. Choose your exterior color palette with confidence. Diamond Kote Color Studio. 

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