Soffits,Fascias and Gutters

Soffits, Fascias and Gutters

Soffits, fasciae and gutters often end up as an afterthought, but they’re some of the most important components to an efficient, sturdy roof.

Where are the soffits and fasciae? A soffit is a board that connects the roof’s edge with the side of the house. A fascia is the board that holds the gutters.

Water Drainage Is Essential to a Functioning Utah Roof

The gutters are the first line of defense against water damage and rot. The gutters are supposed to quickly carry away melting snow and heavy rain, directing it down and away from the home. If the gutters are backed up, whether due to clogs or an ice dam, standing water can rot the fascia board, then spread to the soffits. If water damage and rot aren’t quickly contained and repaired, it will continue to spread to the rest of the roof and attic.

Identify and Eliminate Problems Right Away

An important part of keeping your roof in good condition is cleaning out your gutters on a regular basis. If you notice they are starting to show signs of rusting or sagging, it’s time to call a pro. Any signs of gutter damage could also indicate potential problems with the fasciae and soffits. If you see peeling paint or decaying wood on the underside of your roof or around your gutter line, your soffits and fasciae may need repair or replacement.

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