Best Solar Companies of 2023

Looking into solar panels but not sure where to start? We've reviewed the best solar panel companies to determine which one will suit the needs of your home.

Of all the solar companies we've researched and reviewed, SunPower Solar tops our list of the best solar companies for 2023 with its top-of-the-line solar panels and strong warranties. Whether you're looking to do something good for the environment, save some money or want to rely a bit less on your utility, it might be your year to go solar. The federal investment tax credit will now give you 30% of the cost of your solar system back on your taxes, and local incentives (like net metering) are still strong, though there are some efforts ...

13 Reason for a Roof Replacement

It is important to have a pleasant shelter, and this is facilitated by well maintained and repaired roofing. It is, therefore, very critical for Utah residents to make replacements in their roofing systems when it’s due time. You don’t have to carry out any professional assessments to know when to replace the roof; however with the following simple observations you can easily determine if your roof needs replacement.


Although a leak could just be repaired without replacing an entire roof, by itself, it is a great sign that your roof is worn out. It indicates that the roof’s flashing, a metal that prevents water intrusion, is in need of immediate attention. A leak sho...